Gamewright Moose in the House Card Game


Look at all the moose that are on the loose! There’s one in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom… quick close a door to keep them out! The object of this silly matching card game is to keep the moose out of your house, and give them to your opponents. Each player has a an invisible empty house in front of them, and as the game progresses, players’ houses get filled with empty rooms, and then the rooms get filled with moose! Each empty room card has a matching card of that room with a moose in it. So if you see that your opponent has an empty bedroom, and you have a card with a moose in the bed, you can put that moose in your opponent’s bedroom! And if you think an opponent is trying to sneak a moose into your living room, use a door to close off that room! At the end of the game, the player with the fewest moose in his/her house, wins. It’s a silly matching game for ages 8 and Up. Comes with 58 cards, and game instructions. For 2 – 5 players.



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